Tax Preparation Process

  • Contact us for a fee quote by sending us a brief overview of your tax situation.

  • Upon acceptance of the fee quote, we will send you the tax checklists that need to be completed by you.

  • Send your completed tax checklists along with your supporting tax documents to us via secure client portal file-share, mail, email, fax or come by the office for a consultation.

  • Your tax documents will be reviewed by us in a timely manner for completeness and you will be contacted with any outstanding questions.

  • When your file is complete, your tax returns will be prepared and delivered to you via the secure client portal file-share.

  • We will point out any tax saving strategies you may want to consider for the current tax year or future tax years.

  • Carefully review your completed tax return and then file it with the tax authorities.

The more organized you are in gathering the appropriate tax documents and filling in the tax checklists, the lower your tax preparation fees will be.